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We visited Legacy at Village Wood. It was very welcoming. The person that we met was really nice and tried very hard to answer our questions and accommodate my sister. They were working to make it up-to-date. The rooms were very nice and had been updated. They were nicely painted and had new carpeting. I looked at the dining area. They kept their residents active, too.

Review by Marcia163026

The Legacy at Village Wood is reasonable as far as pricing and what they include. They do what is called the “I’m OK” program. So even though it is independent, every morning when they wake up they have to put what looks like a little hotel peg on their door that said I’m OK, so they know that they made it through the night. They’ve got a call button that they wear around their neck, so for some reason if they were to fall or have an issue, they can push the button and someone will respond. There are some meals and some utilities that are included in the rent. They have a shuttle that makes a trip to the grocery store once a week, so if my mother-in-law doesn’t feel like she can drive her own vehicle like in the winter, then she can still get to Whitman and get to the pharmacy to get her prescription. They try to do some activities for the residents like social outings. So for the money and with what they are offering, it is still better than her being alone. The staff was really knowledgeable and friendly. They were extremely knowledgeable, and a lot of times they seem to be a little more on the ball as far as having the information before I even had to ask them. As far as floor plan size, it is definitely more apartment type even though it is still a studio.

Review by LM636087